Selected speakers


Monday September 5th
16:00   Registration at Masaryk dormitory
18:00   Welcome party at Masaryk dormitory
Tuesday September 6th
9:00   Welcome from the IOCB director & UCT rector
9:15   Zdeněk Hostomsky (Director IOCB)
Opening Remarks on Pharma Discovery
10:00   Coffee break
10:30   Tomáš Cihlář (Gilead Sci)
Novel Antivirotics
11:15   Kvido Stříšovský IOCB
Regulation of Cellular Signaling by Intramembrane Proteolysis and Protein Trafficking
12:00   Lunch
13:00   Marc de la Roche (University of Cambridge)
Canonical and Non-canonical Therapeutic Targets in Epithelial Cancers
13:45   James Douglas Engel (University Michigan)
Development of Small Molecule Therapeutics to Treat the First Genetic Disease
14:30   Coffee break
14:45   Michael Kossenjans (Astra Zeneca)
Building a HTS collection

Sergey Zozulya
Enamine HTS Campaigns and Lead Identification

16:15 Paul Vulto
Mimetas Organ on Chip Technology in Drug Development
17:00 Marián Hajdúch (IMTM)
Drug Research and Development: from Molecular Target to Personalized Therapy
Wednesday September 7th
9:00   Norbert Weiss (IOCB)
Trafficking of T-type Calcium Channels in Health and Disease
9:45   Radim Nencka (IOCB)
Rational Drug Design of Novel PI4K Inhibitors
10:30   Coffee break
10:45   Mathias Frederiksen (Novartis)
Chemical Genetics
11:30   František Štěpánek (UCT)
Remotely Controlled Release and In-situ Production of Pharmaceutically Active Substances Using Chemical Micro-robots
12:15   Piotr Golkiewicz
Elseviere Life Science Solutions from Elsevier Supporting the Process of Drug Development from early Discovery to Post-marketing Phase by Delivering Fast and Comprehensive Scientific Information
13:00   Lunch
14:00   IOCB tour followed by City tour and dinner
Thursday September 8th
9:00   Pavlina Rezacova (IOCB)
X-ray Crystallography and Structure-based Drug Design
9:45   Václav Veverka (IOCB)
Biomolecular NMR in Knowledge-based Drug Design
10:15   Coffee break
10:30   Vojtěch Spiwok (UCT)
Potential of Biomolecular Simulations in Drug Design
11:45   Josef Klima
Pharmakl Bioanalytics in Drug Development
12:30   Lunch
13:30   David M. Andrews (Astra Zeneca)
Discovery of AZD9496: an oral, selective estrogen receptor downregulator (SERD) for the treatment of breast cancer.
14:15   Vít Perlik (Pharminvent)
Clinical research in inhalation drug development
15:00   Stephan Bachmann (Roche)
Process of API synthesis
15:45   UCT tour, UCT brewery
Friday September 9th
9:00   Martin Fusek (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry AS CR, v.v.i.)
Easy - Biodrugs – Overview
9:45   Christian Heinis (EPFL Lausanne)
Peptide Macrocycle Drugs
10:30   Coffee break
10:45   Martin Šícho (UCT)
Exploring Chemical Space for Drug Discovery
11:30   Igor Linhart (UCT)
Designer Drugs: From Cul de Sacs of Pharmaceutical Research to the Illicit Street Drugs